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Our History

Our experience begins in 1994, from which the owner of the company ventures into the marketing of pineapples in the European market. In subsequent years, new commercial ties are made that generate a greater expansion of the business. It is not until 2014 that the name of Fruitpoint Costa Rica is officially created, from that year various marketing strategies are executed and based on good financial results it is decided at the end of 2020 to acquire a production plant in Costa Rica.

Fruitpoint Costa Rica goes from just marketing to being a production company, acquiring a production plant located in Venecia de San Carlos. Operations as a production company officially started in January 2021 and with it a great challenge that now encompasses not only the marketing process but also the production process and all the associated sub-processes.

With the incursion into the production model, the company has opted to generate a positive environmental impact, turning its business towards sustainability, investing in a new and modern water treatment plant, also betting on clean energies such as solar panels or the acquisition of technology for paper reduction. Production processes have been improved, with integrated pest management and a bio-input laboratory that allows us to take a step towards a new work methodology, in which the proper use of the land is our priority.

Fruitpoint Costa Rica
Fruitpoint Costa Rica
Fruitpoint Costa Rica

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