Venecia, San Carlos, Costa Rica

Pineapple Ensilage

Fruitpoint Costa Rica is the first pineapple company in the world that has managed to give full use to the pineapple plant (stubble) by transforming it into an excellent feed for livestock. With this new and innovative methodology, it has been possible to solve the problem of pests and especially the fly (Stomoxys calcitrans), which have always been a stressful issue for neighboring ranchers.

Fruitpoint uses the pineapple plant as raw material to produce bales, which through a hydraulic compaction process, obtains a bale of 240 kg to 250 kg net weight and a dry matter of 25% to 30%, which has been inoculated with the best quality enzymes, to guarantee an adequate fermentation process.

We subject this process to constant laboratory analysis, providing the necessary confidence so that the final product is of the expected quality. Pineapple stubble silage is sold in our facilities as another solution for farms that have ruminant animals, with an added value that is not provided by any other pineapple company in Costa Rica.

  • Pineapple Ensilage costa rica
  • Pineapple Ensilage costa rica
  • Pineapple Ensilage costa rica

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